Past Events

3rd Annual Community Ice Cream Social

Celebrating a community musical


Join us as we celebrate this special community tradition.

As a special thank you to our community, neighbors and friends, we are continuing this very special offering. Join us in Prescott Park on Thursday, June 14th, 5-7pm  fpr FREE homemade ice cream from our restaurant, The Prop.

**Ice cream is FREE, however, in our efforts to become a more sustainable operation, we still charge a $1 deposit for our eco friendly reusable bowls! Once you're done enjoying your tasty and deliciouse free treat, bring back the bowl and receive your $1 back! 

You’ll also have the chance to pick up your season membership, access to lots of other delicious food offerings, and enjoy the company of friends and neighbors.

Come and join in the fun of our 3rd Annual Community Ice Cream Social as we launch and celebrate the summer magic ahead!