Avoid the need to search for a spot to sit and reserve the best seat in the park!


Concert                            Musical                        Movie



Enjoy performances from the VIP Seating Area, and arrive at your convenience to find a reserved table ready and waiting for you.

Each table reservation comes with a 4 chairs per table and range from $39-$55 for members and $49-$65 for non-members.

FAMILY Member and above looking to redeem their FREE table vouchers, please call us in the office at 603.436.2848.


Tables cannot be reserved online the day of an event, however, please come early and check with us at our merchandise booth and we'll happily provide you with any available tables.


Worried about having to call as soon as a concert is announced to get a table? Hate trying to find a place to park? Never deal with those hassles again! Enjoy a season table with our All Access Pass ››



Prefer to sit up front rather than at a table? Reserve a blanket and we'll set one of our Prescott Park Arts Festival blankets for you, allowing you to arrive at your convenience and find your spot ready for you.

Better still? You get to keep the festival blanket at the end of the night! These blankets are normally sold for $25, making a blanket reservation ($45-$69) one of the best deals around!

Blankets are roughly 5' x 5', comfortably fitting 2 adults and 1 child. Blankets are either navy blue or forest green with the Prescott Park Arts Festival logo, and a soft 50/50 cotton/poly blend.


Blankets cannot be reserved online the day of an event.


Donations and Refunds

Table and blanket reservations do not include suggested donations for entry

Table and blanket reservation are not refundable, but should an event be cancelled due to rain or other unforeseen circumstances, your reservation will be credited for a future night of your choice during the current season.